Corporate travel

At Chartwell, we are able to manage every aspect of your corporate travel arrangements. Not just flights and hotels, but also car hire and train bookings.

Car hire

We have access to special rates worldwide and can arrange car hire from all UK airports and rail stations, including collection and delivery. You’ll also have access to a chauffeur service throughout the world. Our car hire tariffs are designed to provide the best possible value and include extras and relevant local taxes, so there are no surprises.

Rail tickets

Travelling first class for the price of a standard ticket is easier than you might imagine when you have Chartwell’s team on your side. We’re able to navigate the confusing rail fares and find truly impressive deals. We can also look after group travel and loyalty schemes to ensure you get the best possible value.

As a client, you will have access to the password-protected Evolve system so you can make your own online bookings too.

Hotel reservations

We can make room reservations worldwide at preferential corporate rates. It’s also possible for us to negotiate special rates at London hotels and help you to organise important meetings and conferences.

A fully integrated travel service

We pride ourselves on the comprehensive, seamless service that we’re able to deliver. In fact, we’re able to look after every aspect of your travel arrangements:

  • Impartial advice from experienced staff
  • Complete coverage – from air, rail and hotel through to car hire, ferries, even theatre
  • Confidential client profile stored – your meal preferences, frequent flier status etc, allowing us to tailor all your travel
  • Corporate rates negotiated
  • Conference and group travel organised
  • Passport/visa admin
  • Credit account billing and management reporting
  • Your travel documents by courier

Always on call

You may have experienced the ‘out of hours’ service from other travel companies – farmed out to people who don’t know the first thing about your business or plans. At Chartwell, we make sure that one of our own knowledgeable employees is available right around the clock.

Managing your costs

Clients usually tell us that they find us to be highly competitive. They also appreciate the fact that we use workable fares that can be held for a few days before final commitment or easily changed for a fee. (This helps us to tackle weather days and the other problems that we know crop up on shoots, for instance. If restricted fares are selected, we’ll always email you so you’re fully aware of the conditions.)

We believe in giving you the honest, worst-case scenario when we quote and then work hard to save you money through discounted fares. We have negotiated a number of special deals with airlines for Chartwell clients, as well as attractive excess baggage rates for camera equipment. As our systems allow us to give you a monthly statistical analysis of expenditure, we’re able to help you plan for maximum efficiency.

Because of the nature of our clients’ businesses, we tend to source and purchase tickets in a different way from other travel agents. We won’t charge you for flight changes or reissuing an e-ticket, unless it’s a requirement of the airline. And if you’re obtaining a refund for unused, unrestricted tickets, we don’t charge for documentation delivery within normal working hours.